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Politicas do Alojamento

Check-In time starting 2 pm. You can’t demand for your room or dependencies to be fully cleaned and prepared before that time.

Check-Out is until 11:00 am. Passed that time for each hour that goes by without leaving the facilities, an additional fee per occupant shall be charged.

When checking in you should proceed to the payment of your whole stay.

We reserve ourselves the right to change the booked bed/room for another bed/room of the same type without expecting from the guest(s) in question any kind of claim or the demanding of some kind of monetary compensation.

Beds in dorms are supposed to be occupied by one person only. The inclusion of another person in the bedroom is prohibited.

The cleanliness of the rooms and the swap of bed linen and towels will only be done after a week stay. If you need to swap them sooner you will be charged an additional fee per item.

Guest(s) who deliberately or accidentally cause damages will have to take full responsibility for their actions and pay or replace immediately what they wreck. The same applies to towels and bed linen that by inappropriate use get deteriorated. 

When checking-in you will be given two keys: one to your room and another one to the street door. For both keys you will be asked to leave a deposit which will be fully returned once you check-out.

Starting 11 pm we ask for silence so that the other guests can rest undisturbed.

If you would like to keep your valuables safe use our safes and/or lockers.

Towels and bed linen should be returned when checking-out.

Payments by check are not accepted – payments in cash only.

Pets are not allowed in the HOSTEL dependencies.

When checking-in you will be asked to fill in our form.

When doing the Check-In you must fill in a form and submit the original Citizen Card or Passport.

Hosteling International permanency policy is of 15 days at most.

The loss of a key or locker room will result in the payment of an additional fee.

After checking-out you’re not allowed to leave luggage within areas of the Hostel.

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