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Best of Alvor

The beloved fishing village of Alvor is nowadays an important tourist center. A fishing village with plenty of good contradictions - simultaneously calm and edgy, Alvor is never boring because there is always what to do and where to go to!

Alvor is memorable both in summertime for its beautiful beaches, and during wintertime for its extensive boardwalk with several km, where it is possible while you’re taking a walk or having a morning jog to look at the Alvor’s Beach diverse fauna and flora.

The estuary in Alvor is also famous for its clams, razor clams and cockles that are key ingredients in the gourmet dishes in this village.

Another “must see” is the previously known as the Albur Castle. Alvor Castle is nowadays a playground that has been restored during the reign of King Dinis, and that dates back to the eight century.  To our visitors here’s also a challenge: to find the two main existent marabouts in Alvor and to visit the Divino Salvador Church.

There are three beaches worth mentioning in Alvor: the Alvor Beach, the Três Irmãos Beach and the Prainha. The first two beaches mentioned are widely known due to the practice of water sports and the Prainha for its soft, white sand, and calm and clear waters, and additionally for being a “drop-dead” gorgeous bay with a stunning landscape. We believe, if we might add, that Prainha is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

In front of the estuary in Alvor you will find the Clube Naval D.João II School that will provide all the  necessary equipment to whosever interested in sailing,  doing stand up paddle or to canoe; but if you rather more extreme sports, such as skydiving, close by there’s a skydiving center.

When it comes to the local cuisine and to bars and cafes, you have a long and wide range choice from Indian, Italian, Chinese… and of course, traditional Portuguese food with several fish and shellfish specialties.

The most “in” places though are at the known as “Bars Lane” – “Rua dos Bares” (in Portuguese), where after a beautiful sunny day at the beach, while holding a nice glass of wine in your hand, you can enjoy to the sound of really good live music. Or you can do karaoke, or simply have a pleasant chat with friends.

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